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001 Overcoming Procrastination – 5 Tips

In this episode I share with you a little bit more about why I have started this podcast and then I dive into my journey with procrastination. Procrastination can stem from a variety of places, for me it has always been about fear. I share with you how it led to my...

The 6 Figure Fallacy

Getting started in business is not easy. I’m sure anyone who has taken the entrepreneurial route will concur that it takes a lot of grit and determination to get yourself out of the starting blocks, let alone anything else. Choosing this journey myself, I have...

How To Create an Effective Client Avatar

Having it very clear in your mind who your ideal client is will prove invaluable in your business. And I want to help you identify your London. What? Who the heck is London? London is my personal client avatar, yes she and he (I have two versions) has a full persona,...

Share Your Story

As the saying goes, ’empowered women, empower women’. 
We are on the look out for fabulous ladies to feature on our blog and soon to be released podcast. So, if you have a motivational or inspirational story to share, or indeed some practical business advice, we would love to hear from you!

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