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As we enter into 2019 everyone is talking about setting goals and what they want to achieve. The reality is many people will set lofty goals and a little like New Year’s resolutions, they will be long forgotten before January is out.

I gave up on resolutions a long time ago and I will be real, the brain fog is too deep to even try and think up 5 SMART goals right about now – so I’m keeping things simple.

I have decided to make a promise instead and through making this promise I know that everything else will naturally fall into place.


I’m a firm believer that we all have knowledge that others crave, yet so many of us are selfish with it. As I want to be a doer not a talker, I am going to walk my talk and make a promise that 2019 will see me focus on sharing my knowledge to positively impact others.

Yep, this is nothing revolutionary, I did say I was keeping things simple. However I do know it will make a difference for someone who is frustrated by a tech issue or a tiny piece of code that they just can’t get right. Or maybe it will positively impact the mindset of a woman who feels like they are slowly being suffocated by the monotony of their reality.


Why do I want to make a promise instead of setting any goals? It may not seem like a boss lady thing to do, but actually it is the boss lady thing to do.

When I think back to those who really made a difference to me over the years, the one thing they all have in common was their willingness to teach me or let me pick their brains.

I started to feel a little overwhelmed by all the posts coming up in my feed about strategically setting goals for 2019 and I’m all about strategy. The problem is I’m just not interested in those types of goals. My 2019 is about giving back! This will benefit me immensely as I know helpings others makes me feel good and if you’ve experienced dark times you will know how important this is.


Goal setting is a concept that tends to rear its head intensely at this time of the year along with the feeling of failure as you reflect on the year you’re about to leave behind. I am firstly sharing this to highlight that there is no harm in changing things up a little and doing something that suits you and not convention.

Secondly, I of course need to be held to account. Naturally I try not to break promises, even if they are only to myself, but none of us are infallible.  Every month in 2019 I will post about what I have done to honour this promise – if I don’t, feel free to call me on my BS.

So my 2019 is about promises over goals – but what will yours look like? I’d love to hear about any goals or indeed promises you have made for yourself in the comments below.

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